Executive Clarification of Candidates

Get the right candidate from the start

The battle for talent intensifies. We know today that good results in the workplace are directly proportionally linked to the good match between candidate and company.

Today, candidates are often test-tested, which means that the usual test results often become invalid. Most candidates can maintain a customized façade during a classic internal recruitment process with tests and cases. It has therefore become more difficult for the internal HR to identify the candidate's real competences and performance skills. This makes it difficult to uncover whether there is a strong match.


It costs the company a lot of money when you don't deliver.

At Human Development we use tools and techniques that challenge the candidates and differentiate themselves from the well-known tests. We offer a fast and targeted executive clarification of candidates so that the right match is found. Discretion and efficiency are the key words.

Executive Clarification of Candidates
"Human Development certainly has a professionalism and skill one rarely experiences. I had the pleasure of working closely with Per Johansen when I had to find the right candidate. The task was solved effectively within the time frame, and the whole process was a professional experience with razor sharp analysis, a lot of assessments and great guidance."

– Jens Thorhauge, Nordic Business Domain Manager - FUJIFILM Nordic Denmark


We help uncover your candidates motivation preferences, talents and motivation and help both candidates and companies to gain insight from each other.

In our experience, companies are usually the best at attracting the right candidates through postings on digital platforms. The optimal recruitment process is therefore carried out in a couple of races, where we are your external sparring partner about hedging the candidates' competences.

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