World Goals as growth strategy

At Human Development, we always work with the UN's world goals as an overarching model. So there is a balancing act between the more "hard" business operating elements and the more "soft" values, such as staff care and well-being. At Human Development, we work on the basis that there is "Coherence between well-being and economic growth". That's the holistic mindset we aspire to.

The SDGs are considered to be the most important growth strategy for the next 15 years. Sustainability is expected to disrupt sectors over the next 15 years, as IT has done over the past 15 years. What we have to live on in the future is originality and new ways of doing things. The SDGs are a framework for this.

Human Development facilitates and helps you with a sustainable growth strategy that delivers results on the bottom line. And its easier than you think.  

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People seek meaning

And they go where it's meaningful for them to be

We live in a time of refraction with new currents in all directions. One of the changes is that activism shifts the balance of power. The world is not waiting for leaders to be ready to embrace the new currents of the time. Employees and consumers move where it's meaningful for them to be. Over the next ten years, it will be the World Goals that set the direction.

It's that easy!

Don't be afraid of "Cherrypicking"

We cannot stress it enough. You don't have to work with all 17 World Goals. Pick out some that make sense to you and start with them.

Misery fatigue syndrome

It's supposed to be fun. The misery of the world can take the energy out of everyone, and you will want to give up even before you get started. It's fun to make money! And it's great to make the world a little better at the same time. Go with the good energy and drop the raised index finger.

Lets make money and have fun doing it

The SDGs are a growth strategy.

Getting started

Try writing down what you're already doing. Maybe you cycle in at work or eat vegetarian in the canteen. Most have cut back on paper consumption through digitisation. What do you do with you?

More information

The World is VUCA,as they say. Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. The increasing complexity is changing our organisations and our way of leading in the future. Frederic Laloux,the world-famous management theorist, has an interesting contribution to make about leadership and the organization of companies in the future. It is a qualified overview of what we will see in the coming years.

A sustainable future