Tips to Avoid Stress

5 good work habits for 2020

Mental health is under pressure in modern life. Stress, anxiety and depression affect widely across all ages and populations. The WHO (World Health Organisation) expects it to be the biggest health challenge by 2020.

Here, our business psychologist Mette M. Thomsen gives 5 good suggestions on how to achieve healthy habits at work and prevent dissatisfaction and stress.


Prevent stress

Modern working life is characterised by fluid boundaries and high tempo. The most important task for both manager and employee is to set limits so that the work does not become limitless. The brain needs to take time off, and both managers and employees need to practice setting healthy limits for work.


Avoid too many interruptions and create an efficient workflow

Mental hygiene on the job is essential for good performance. It takes about 15 minutes to get back to focused mode after a hiatus. Interruptions unnecessarily tire the brain and slow down the mental pace of work. Without interruption, we work faster and with greater quality. Without interruptions we can bring ourselves flow where work is felt like a breeze. Whats not to like.....


Avoid wasted time

Take care of each other's time. Time is perhaps the most precious thing we have. Everyone has too many tasks, and everyone works effectively to reach them. With a culture of respect for each other's time, everyone gets more time.


The crisis after lunch

Around 10:30 a.m. At 14:00, the energy is challenged. Many have been running for 8 hours and the battery is exhausted. This is where you throw your candy and cake to get power for the last tasks before the evening. Prevent by pausing with fresh air and movement. Be sure to place your demanding tasks where you have the most energy, and spend the afternoon on more routine tasks.



Be focused on the job and at home. Round off the working day with reflections on the day's tasks. Prepare the tasks for tomorrow. Finish your workday mentally and go home with clear focus. By closing the workday completely, you can be present in your free time and your relationships.

Tips to Avoid Stress in 2020