Business strategy

Business strategy

Get overview and tools to achieve your goals

Strategy for owner managers/CEO

You may not be used to working with strategy in your company. Or maybe you've made a strategy years ago, and it's been a long time since you revisited it and adjusted it to the current market situation.

"What worked yesterday is not necessarily what works today or what works tomorrow"

Many owner managers feel that they are too busy with day-to-day operations. But it's important that you take the time to take the "helicopter perspective" on your business so you have a clear and well-defined goal to work with.

"A manager without a clear goal cannot communicate and set clear direction for his employees."

The strategy is the necessary foundation your business needs to rest on. This is the prerequisite for being able to work decisively and effectively towards the goals you set:

We distinguish between the strategic and the tactical level

Human Development distinguishes between the strategic and the tactical level. The company's strategy is the long-term goal of your business, and the tactical part is your business plan, with action indications on how to execute on your strategy.

a good business strategy can:

Maintain or increase your revenue.

Strengthen your brand, and thus your customers' willingness to buy.

Increase your competitiveness.

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But it is crucial to...:

Translate the strategy into concrete methods that can be performed by the company's employees.

Follow up on the strategy and develop the content, with an eye to changing it if certain elements are not used or performed optimally.

Keep up to date with external changes that may impact your current strategy and change the corresponding one.

Get overview and tools to achieve your goals

Owner managers bear a great responsibility and owner managers have many tasks. It's both the gift of the owners and the "curse".

Sparring for the strategy process adds a new perspective on the business, and it makes you as owner manager sharper on the company's eligibility in the market. With renewed energy and focus on potential, we create the conditions to increase the company's earnings.

When you, as owner-manager, invite Human Development in as your partner in the company's strategic development, we contribute the following:

Overview of the situation.

Deep insight into your markets.

Guidelines for the next step.

Renewed energy and focus.

"Per's facilitation and sparring in adjusting our strategy work in connection with the implications for the future of these Corona times, has been absolutely essential for us to rotate entire organization with everyone on board. We now have a clear goal and a plan to achieve them. It sharpens our focus and I know we are achieving our goals now."
– CEO Stefan S.
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The practicalities of strategy sparring

A classic process consists of 5 –7 meetings in 3 hours or half days, where we partially involve the management team and key people in the company, but all courses are organized individually.

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