Per Spiegal Johansen


Per is the founder and owner of Human Development. Per has a background in the financial sector, specialising in management and business development at SME companies.

Janet - Human Development


Janet is Human Resource consultant for People & Culture and professional business coach. She works holistically with personal development – talents, potentials, energy, motivation and physical dynamics. Janet advises on well-being, af stress workwork-life-balance and stressmanagement/coaching. Janet also stands for our Young Coaching and Motivation for Young People. 

Steven Damsgaard


Steven has a cand.mag in Film and Media Science, as well as a course certificate in Digital Marketing from Bigum and co. Steven works with the organization, and production, of our promotional videos, and is responsible for the general digital marketing of Human Development's products on social media.


Human Development has been helping companies and people to achieve greater success for more than 25 years. Our whole core is to help people in an organization for self-insight, talent development and motivation.

We work with tailored courses, coaching courses, development and strategy, focusing on the individual company.

Since Human Development was founded in 1998, we have specialized in business strategy, HR, leadership development, stress and well-being, executive search, recruitment, headhunting and much more.

We have several external consultants and trainers attached, and link them to courses and tasks as needed. Common to the permanent team is that we work holistically with people, business and sales. High performance is closely related to authenticity and talent.