Your leadership is critical to your organization's success

The leadership of the future is authentic. Strong relationship skills and customer-oriented business understanding are the foundation of good management.

At Human Development, we develop leaders at eye level with a focus on self-understanding, talents and passions. We offer leadership development to those who want to achieve greater success with yourself and your team in your organization.

We work holistically with development, and use tools that can give you – or your team – concrete tools to exploit strengths and manage weaknesses.

Your path to leadership development

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Do you know your personal top talents? If you work with your top talents, you're in workflow, and it's here that you're most productive and most brilliant.

Motivated employees are a fundamental foundation of growth, high performance and a good working environment. With a practical plan improve and maintain in your motivation for greater success.

Talent Workshop

We often use various tests to lay the foundation for our workshops and leadership development programs. Our Talent Workshop gives you an overview of your top and bottom talents, and complements with a thorough in-depth understanding of how to effectively get the most out of your talents – both your own and your employees'. In addition, you can have a chart of how different talents work together, so that the total talent pool in your company operates optimally.

Motivation Workshop

Our Motivation Workshop maps out exactly how your employees are best – and remain – motivated in their work, thus performing more effectively.

Often a motivational assessment of the employees is downgraded due to a busy working day. But many do not know that they are missing out on an invaluable knowledge of their employees, and therefore also a greater efficiency. Employees who are motivated perform 3 times more efficiently than gratuitous employees. They are also much more likely to remain loyal to their managers and workplace.

"We use psychological tests in connection with our talent – and leadership development"



Human Development


"Are you ready to step up your performance"

Individual leadership development or team development

At Human Development we offer leadership development in the form of workshops, training and coaching. In cooperation, we organise the programmes to suit your individual needs.

Leadership development

Leadership development is addressed to the manager, who wants to improve himself and develop his leadership qualities. Specifically, we work around your entire leadership. We look at the challenges you might encounter often. We look at how you harness your personal strengths, as well as manage your weaknesses and personal barriers. And then we look at the psychological aspects of being a leader for other people.

You will be equipped to analyse and understand specific situations that arise in the work of a manager, and you will be equipped to handle and prevent future conflicts in your work as a manager.


Team development

Team development is a solution for those who need to lift a team of employees. It could, for example, be the first to be used as a be a management team whose competences are to be lifted.

There will always be different ways of working, and it is inevitable that there will be friction, misunderstandings and power struggles when people work together. Here, with team coaching, we will give you an understanding of the dynamics between you as a team. You will have a solid knowledge of each other, your working methods and motivation, with a special focus on the individual strengths. You will also get an insight into how differences can become a strength when properly assembled. This means making the most of the team's entire resources, so that you get all the way around your tasks, thereby achieving greater success and results.

Overall, our management development focuses on;

  • The authentic leadership
  • The difficult conversation
  • Personal leadership
  • Managing sick leave
  • CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Communication
  • Conflict management
  • Stress management
  • Change management
  • Motivation of employees

12% believe that their leaders have the right skills to lead in the future

Everyone wants development, but no one wants to change

Conflicts and problems are a natural part of the manager's tasks.

Life in organizations will never be harmonious. Where there are people, there will be feelings, and there will always be conflicts and disagreements. Leadership is not about making it go away. It's an illusion. Good management is about navigating wisely when imbalances arise.

Therefore, it is important that you as a manager are equipped to deal with conflicts, human frustrations, lack of well-being among employees or just generally poor cooperation in the group. In the short term, it can be easy to turn the cheek the other way and hope that the problems resolve themselves, but unfortunately experience shows that this is a very bad long-term solution, and can cause much greater negative consequences on the company.

Through leadership development, you get dressed to tackle the problems in the bud before they grow incalculable large.

Management, corporate culture and sales

Management development
Human Development

Management is closely related to your culture and to sales. As a trinity, they all affect each other for good and evil. If you have challenges in one place, you are likely to be challenged elsewhere as well. Human Development works holistically with whole people with an eye for the entire organization.

This means that you learn to develop a strong culture in your company where everyone lifts in bunch and feels part of a larger community. When you work as a united entity – united by common corporate values – you also achieve much better results.

Conversely, companies may be "trapped" in what seem like unwavering and outdated cultures and behaviors that do more harm than good. It can be a set of values, from a bygone era, which no longer has the same positive effects as before and now may have unintended negative consequences. A good manager must not just be adaptable. a good manager must understand how to guide all employees through a transformation so that culture and values support the company's strategic goals.

Leadership development is therefore also about being able to adapt as the whole organization evolves, dressing the entire organization to be ready to accommodate change.

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