Bring yourself and your skills into focus

Do you nod recognisably to a busy day where the overview disappears and it feels like you're always a little behind?? Would you like dig, to be more upfront? forkant?   Take the driver's seat and make more profit? 


Mindfulness is a powerful tool for connecting more people ditomyself, other people and dine tasks. When we work with mindfulness, wedevelopa greater work-life balance privatliv- which isessential for one's well-being and performance - and thus we create greater happiness and quality in what we do.

Building a Mindfulness Session

Mindfulness sessionscombine with psychological tools, physical exercises, breathing and sensory exercises with music and silence. We set up thefollowingtasks- ensuring that these experiences are integrated into the day-to-day work. 


You will have the opportunity to participate in a standard session and then – by appointment – adapt and tailor all coursesto suit your experienceand needs.

  • Psychological tools 
  • Physical exercises 
  • Breathing exercises
  • Sensing exercises
  • Practical tasks

You learn to act instead of responding. 

A key point of mindfulness is the ability to presence and full attention to what is happening right now, including your own feelings and thoughts. It gives an insight into how you are. er. – without a filter. By looking at your own thought patterns, you learn how to respond to, among other things,stress and pressure. 

You sit in the driver's seat and act proactively. 

Sustainable management

Sustainable management ensure motivated employee and healthy economy through efficiency and innovation.

It is about us as managers motivating and empowering employees so that they perform their best, and stand even stronger than when we "received" them.

By providing frameworks and tools with a focus on their development, motivation and strengths, we teach them to identify the inherent motivators they already have and remove the elements that stand the way for their development.

Mindfulness pushes the process and helps you identify your strengths and teach you how to focus so that you reach the tasks and create balance.

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Yes, thank you – I want to know more about your lectures in Mindfulness