Mini HR


For youwho do not have an HR but want to take care of your costs,your company and your employees! 

Owner manager/manager hotline Fast and efficient phone sparring on work-related challenges for managers.

As a business owner, you are often ina   situation where help is needed for an acute problem. Many times you stand alone, and- in that situation-   it's crucial to have someone to spar with.  

Youhave a busy working day where many demands have to be juggled.. The management task is complexand most managers find, thatmany   tasks land on the manager's desk: 

  • How do I handle a sick employee?
  • How do I get my employees to use our new IT system?
  • I have a department that doesn't work.
  • I have symptoms and think it's stress and don't know what to do? 

Management is also often a solitarydiscipline. Theyare not super-people, and can therefore also be affected by challenges or be unsure about the handling of cases.

Affordable solution for owner managers:

MINI HR is for owner managers and managerswho need an affordable   solution to everyday acute HR and managementrelated issues andproblems. When you sign up for a subscription, you get 6 months of free phone pairing, for a monthly rate at just 1499,-.


Phone pairing as needed

Mini HR is the solution for those who need to talk to an external and neutral management consultant about your challenges. We offer telephone sparring to you who is the owner manager or manager with personnel responsibility.

  • You subscribe for a subscription of 6 months. at a time. This means that you always have an HR partner on hand, and thus do not have to relate to monthly payments and registration.
  • Once you have subscribed, you are free to call and talk to our management consultants when the need arises. You get access to fast and efficient sparring over the phone. Your HR sparring is always confidential.

Call me when it suits you. A phone pairing typically lasts 20 minutes and you'll be amazed how many challenges can actually be overcome on your phone

Mini HR

No one can be an expert on everything – which is why it's OK to get outside help

Get rid of the problems right away

Many problems can be solved with small grips, especially if they are solved immediately. By proactively taking care of the large and small in the company and solving the problems, as they arise, you avoid them growing largerandstretching legs in everyday life.

Mini HR because it only takes 20 minutes to

Mange problems can be solved with small grips, especially if they are solved immediately. By proactively taking care of the large and small in the company and solving the problems in what they arise, we avoid themttaking focus and   growing larger.. 

Let Human Development take care of you so you can take care of your business. 

With mini hr you can get help with:


Recruitment and onboarding

Personnel policies


Employment contracts (Salaried)






Motivation of employees

Conflict management

The difficult conversation

MOUSE conversation

Crisis management

Distance management

Composition of teams & departments

Your personal leadership


Managing illness

Reducing sickness absence

Corporate culture


Stress prevention

Stress counselling

Stress management

Staff care

We look forward to talking to you!

Per Spiegal Johansen

Per is the founder and owner of Human Development. Per has a background in the financial sector, specializing in management and business development at SME companies. Per has his expertise in management, strategy and business development.

Janet Spiegal

Janet works with Wellbeing, Marketing & Innovation. She is a trained business coach within employee development and stress management and holds workshops & courses in Personal Appearance, Mindfulness, Tai chi and Qi Gong.