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When you book an external HR partner, you ensure a flexible solution for your business and only when the need is there.

It's for you who would rather focus your efforts on creating business and results.

It is far from all companies that have their own HR department, but all companies have HR tasks. Unlike our MINI HR packages, with My HR, you get the opportunity to get your own personal HR to help you get a handle on all hr processes.

There is a lot of money to be saved by running contracts, personnel management and various politicians. My HR gives you time to do what you do best while we solve your HR tasks.

With My HR, you get all the benefits. At the same time, you save yourself many disadvantages, as is associated with having a permanent HR manager employed. You decide how many hours you want to spend and what you want to spend it on – whether it's labour law, management sparring, contracts, stress, personnel policies, strategy, recruitment or dismissal.

Get your HR in order and have the freedom to do your core tasks.

Value from day one

You can sign up for My HR at short notice, and thus get value from day 1. Human Development works according to your specific and current needs. In other words, we are based on the areas where the company wants to optimize its organization. When we take care of your HR, you can let go of your worries and bad consciences, and know that processes are under control. With My HR you get targeted and problem-oriented HR solutions tailored to your needs and schedule.
Per Spiegal Johansen
Per Johansen is CEO at Human Development and has his expertise in management, strategy and business development.  Photo: Imagofilm

Need an HR partner?

Many business owners can often question whether they need an HR manager. Does a company need a certain size before you need to establish an HR function or hire an HR manager? Is there even clarity about what HR services the company needs?

What is certain is that as your business grows larger, there will come a time when a need for professional handling of the company's HR processes is urgently needed. This time varies from company to company and also depends on the type of business in question. However, this will most often be when you grow to 10 – 15 employees in the company. But even before that there is a need for professional handling, since wrong, or lack of decisions, can cost the company a lot of money.

Larger companies often have their own HR department to take care of HR-related tasks, but this is far from the case for everyone. Small or medium-sized enterprises in particular do not have their own HR department and are therefore dependent on the owner to carry out these tasks themselves.

It's typically a great solution in the initial phase of business, but as complexity grows, what started out as a sensible exercise in austerity can develop into a time-heavy task where internal resources are misalged.

Thus, precious time is devoted to HR work, which at the same time means that there is less time to handle the company's core tasks. In addition, you miss out on the expertise that you get by leaving it to professional HR people.

With My HR, you get the benefit whether you belong to the first or the latter category. If you are thinking about expanding your business with an HR department, you can save yourself high costs, such as fixed labor costs, by hiring an external HR partner. If you are a small company that does not have the means to have an HR manager employed, and also is not much for sitting with it yourself, an external HR partner will also be a good solution for you.

There is no binding with My HR, and when the task is done, you can return to work with peace of mind, and with a focus on the part of the work that you would most like to do.


Because we save you the fixed labor costs


Because it gives you more time to focus on your core areas


Because it is a flexible solution when the need for an external HR arises in your company


Because it's HR skills that provide value for your business


Because you decide how many hours you want to spend

Value for money ... and more!

We are a company that helps our customers optimize and ensure that the company's HR processes are in control. In   vifact, we know from experience that we have created large time savings of up to 20%, for those who have even sat with HR.


Four half days:

When you buy My HR,you provide professional HR help to solve your specific problems. As a starting point, you buy My HR in a package that consists of four half days. That equates to 4×3 hours. This is therefore 12 hours of professional HR solutions at a very advantageous price of 9,999 DKK.

By comparison, an experienced HR partner/HR manager will normally incur payroll costs of around 45,000 – 60,000 DKR. monthly. Only the few small companies have the capital to bear such costs. In addition, there are a number of other things that you also have to deal with, with a permanent hr manager, such as sick leave, holidays, bars, etc.

With My HR you will have an external HR partner who helps the company with exactly the HR task that is needed, and leadership sparring to the extent needed. For just 999 GBP therefore, it is the solution that offers the best value for money.

It will, of course, be possible to purchase extra hours to suit your requirements. Then we organize the process to suit your needs and budget

You'll be surprised what your managers and employees are struggling with

Management is often a lonely disciplinN, andleaders are not super-people, and therefore Therefore will also be affected by big and small challenges that land on the leader's table:

  • How do I handle a sick employee? 
  • How do I get my employees to use our new IT system? 
  • I have a department that doesn't work. 

And many arere   small and big questions that arise in a busy everyday life.   But also employees, can be in the middle of big and small challenges and get stuck into a problem at work:

  • My colleague and I talk bad 
  • There's too much noise, but I don't know how to say it?
  • I have symptoms and think it's stress and don't know what to do?

No one can be an expert on everything – which is why it's OK to get outside help. 

We have worked with management, HR and psychology for more than 25 years, and therefore have experience with most issues, and can help you quickly further. 

Call me up and tell me more!

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