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Strengthen your motivation with Motivation Indicator

"Motivation is the cornerstone of achieving your ultimate potential".

As a young man, life is full of dreams and potential. It takes motivation to reach its full potential. With motivational program aimed at young people with potential, there is now help to be found.

Motivation Indicator test:

A Motivation Indicator test maps and identifies your personal talents, needs, purposes and energy so you can work to optimize your motivation. In other words, you'll get insight into your own needs and strengths and how best to work with them.

Based on the test results, and sparring with Human Development's professional motivation-coach, Janet, you get an overview of how to develop your potential, achieve your goals, and what you need to do in everyday life to mobilize the drive needed to navigate – and perform – in life.

Controllen your motivation:

  • It only takes 15 minutes. You get a 10 page report.
  • Du increases your self bygetting to know yourtalents,needs andenergy and how to use them optimally.
  • Du learn to beat the forefront of yourassignments, passes, graduation, exam and future learning.
  • You get bigger profits that reduce pressure in situations that require performance. 


The report gives you a comprehensive overview of your own strengths, talents, needs, energy and purposes. 
By understanding and getting to know yourself better, you can more easily reorganize the way you approach your everyday life and tasks, so you avoid being pressured.


You get the full status package plus personal feedback from a certified development coach. 
You learn to mobilize your potential by working deeper with your talents, needs, energy and purpose. This helps you achieve your goals, be successful and avoid pressure.


You get the full potential package plus 3 sessions, of 2 hours duration, with personal development, by a certified development coach. 

You will learn how to complete your personal Motivations Pyramid and get tools to work with your personal developmentareas and specificchallenges.

Motivation indictor - potential
Motivation indicator - Development

Why Motivation?:

We live in a world where there is often full speed, and it can be difficult to find a moment to reflect on one's own role in it. In today's performance society, there is a great danger of going down with stress, or having anxiety not to strike. The fear of not being good enough. It's a rational anxiety, and many have it. It may be that you sit in the middle of the exams, where the danger of not performing in front of the examiner and examiner is always present. Maybe it's something on the student job that plagues you. It may also be the absence of a job, or concern for the future. It's easy to think that you're behind on points when much of our communication is done through social media. Online, it often seems that everyone else has much more control over your life than you have. This creates increased pressure on his shoulders. It can also create the feeling of isolation and loneliness when you get the feeling that everyone else is just rumbling out of there.

Motivation for young people

Motivation for young people is first and foremost about starting from themselves. That is, you should compare yourself to who you were yesterday, and not who others – may or may not – today.

With a course of motivation for young people, you get the tools needed to work with yourself so you can finally fulfil your unfulfilled potential

Through knowledge of your most basic motivation, you can better navigate through the many demands of everyday life and pressured situations with positive energy and courage. It also helps you manage your own achievements, your social attributes, your career opportunities, and how you can achieve the goals you set yourself for.

Your Motivation Coach

Janet Spiegal - Motivation Coach

Janet is Human Resource consultant for People & Culture and professional business coach. She works holistically with personaldevelopment   – talents, potential, energy, motivation and physical dynamics. Janet advises on well-being, af stress workwork-life-balance and stressmanagement/coaching. .

Motivation for Youth

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