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Are you well informed about stress but lack new approaches and perspectives?

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To s avoid stress, you have to understand what you're up against.


We give you the insight you need to become stressfree..


  • Reasons for stress  
  • Ways to prevent stress 
  • Relevant stress prevention for your business

We're talking about relevant reasons for stress and ways to build it.

Stress has become a target, with employees blamingejdework- and the company on the employee. 


The debate has taken on a form- where metal fatigue has arisen andstress, to some extent,, is accepted as a basic condition. 


We provide a refreshing and holistic perspective that takes you forward and pushes you in a direction where you can work with stress actively..

You know the ABC of stress, but want to get new perspectives.

To properly understand stress, one must understand the structural as well as individual elements ofstress. Stress is complex and therefore stress must also be sown in order to become the even one. 


Based on sociology and psychology,, we perspective your basic understanding and take you away from guilt and towards responsibility. 


With a safe hand, you will soonert become new insights that will change your understanding, and thus your workplace effortsa. 


It's about creating a new mind-set. A mind-set that is not limited to employees or management, but to all of us.

Are you ready to be challenged?

Med warmth and humor we share insights about working life from more than 25 years experience as a manager and business psychologist. 


You get concrete tools, and deeper insights into the subject, so you are well equipped to solve the challenges of stress in your organization. 


The form will typicallybe: 



Inndividing reflections 


Erfaring division 


We always adapt form and content according to your wishes 


You get: 

  • Deeper insights 
  • Concrete tools to avoid stress 
  • and food for thought 

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