Focusing on the individual's development and the future of the company

In Human Development we do both tailor-made courses and seminars for companies, as well as "open" courses where several companies sign up for the same training.

Some of our services are primarily focused on personal self-awareness and action, while others are targeted at strategy, sales and business understanding.


Management development

Team and organization development

HR performance

Business development and planning of new initiatives and strategies

Executive clarification of candidates

With MIT HR, you ensure an affordable and flexible solution for your business. You get all the HR benefits and gain the freedom to do your core tasks.

Fast and efficient Mini HR on your phone. For you who do not have an HR but want to take care of your costs, your company and your employees! We're just a call away

Do you know your personal top talents? If you work with your top talents, you're in workflow, and it's here that you're most productive and most brilliant.

Are you well informed about stress but lack new approaches? at this workshop you gain new insights that will change your understanding, and thus your efforts at work

Stress's ABC is the basis for being able to work on concrete solutions in your workplace. at this workshop you will get concrete tools you can use in your daily life and on the job.

When we work with mindfulness, we develop a greater balance between work and private life, which is essential for one's well-being and performance – thus creating greater joy and quality in what we do.

Motivated employees are a fundamental foundation of growth, high performance and a good working environment. together, we create a practical plan to improve and maintain your motivation for greater success.

Results are directly proportionally linked to the good match between candidate and company. We offer quick and targeted executive clarification where we work with new angles for a deeper insight.

As a young man, life is full of dreams and potential. It takes motivation to reach its full potential. With our motivation program aimed at young people with potential, there is now help to be found.

Human Development conducts leadership development at home and abroad.

We've been doing this for more than 20 years.

Our range of management courses gives you the knowledge you need to improve and develop new leadership skills and strengthen your organisation. Regardless of your prerequisites, you will improve your results through leadership development with us.

The courses are linked to concrete strategic goals for the company. Common to the courses is that they are based on the manager's personal management style and specific organizational conditions.